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Website Development

We manage the development of new websites and major overhauls of existing websites. One example was a major upgrade of the Association for Mental Health and Wellness website. Particular attention was paid to accessing “Help” buttons, donation links, and ensuring that the site is Section 508 compatible. (Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires certain public-sector websites to be accessible to those with disabilities.)

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744 creative

Design Work

We have a strategic partnership with 744 Creative, a full-service marketing and design firm. They have extensive experience in the development of websites for a variety of clients, book and media covers, social media campaigns for individuals and businesses, logos and branding, and collateral materials.


Press Relations

A regular flow of news releases to local, regional, and national news outlets helps to keep your organization in the public’s eye, helps to keep your publics informed about programs and events, and shows value to stakeholders. Click the link below for a sampling of our news releases.

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Press Relations

A regular flow of news releases to local and regional news outlets help to keep your organization in the eye of the public and also helps to keep them informed about programs and events.  Click here for a sampling of our news releases on

long island business

Video Production

Photo albums no longer need to be stagnant. Today, there are sophisticated online tools that create dynamic videos for social media and can help promote events and provide memories for participants. These videos also help in non-profit development by showcasing your events and sponsors in a multi-media manner.